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Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

Week 1 - Patience

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This past week has marked the transition from summer time into school time. This past summer has been interesting in many ways not the least of which has been the fact that it marked the first full year since I moved from California. Over this summer, I’ve had a chance to become more acquainted with the state of New Mexico and the new place I call home. I didn’t have a lot to do over the summer, but the things I did do included teaching at EMSA, reading for this class, and in general getting rest since I knew I would get less of it once this class began.

If I was going to talk about what I learned I think it would be patience. I’m not a usually patient person, but this summer forced me to become patient. I didn’t have a choice. I think patience is a fantastic trait to develop for EMS in general and my trip through paramedic school specifically. The reason is that to be patient means that you can step back and look at the big picture. I had to step back over the summer and see where this next year was going to take me both personally and professionally. This next year will be challenging; filled with lots of reading, tests, quizzes, lab work, and study, this year will present a unique challenge academically that I have not quite faced before. Striving to be the best that I can be and to pass this class not just barely, but in as stellar a manner as I can muster will require patience. Perhaps patience from a bad quiz grade or not doing as well on a test as I would have liked or patience from having to give up certain things I enjoy because I need to study.

In the end patience will serve me not only as a paramedic, but also my patients because a patient, calm paramedic makes fewer mistakes. A patient paramedic can step back and look at things as a whole and perform at a higher level both professionally and personally. A patient paramedic is also a role model in the community and should exhibit these traits to help make a positive change in his area.

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